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The difference £1000 can make in Nepal!

Dear Brother,

We are very grateful to you and your church family who supported our ministry work. Its a pleasure to share that the money your church family supported has been utilized to construct a "Training Hall" in the roof of our house. This room will be used to provide various income generating training's to the needy people(Specially Leprosy affected people). The construction cost of the training hall is very expensive( Almost 3000 pounds). Your support played a great role in order to make this happen. we still have lots of other needs in order to start this initiative. However, now we have at least manage the room so we can plan for the upcoming programs that we are thinking to run.

I will keep you updated about our work here.

In fact, we were planning to let you know once the Birkdale group visits Nepal. Unfortunately it couldn’t happen.

Thank you very much for partnering with us in this initiative.

We look forward to update you more in coming days.

Please be assured that we all here are remembering you and your people there in our daily prayers. Please pass our warm greetings to all who knows us very well in your family and church family.

Here I have attached some pictures. I hope you will like it

I believe all your church  families will be so happy to see these pictures. Please pass our warm greeting to all of them. Together we will battle with this novel pandemic Covid-19 and praise our Lord in the highest.

Your friend in Christ,

Bikash Pariyar

Khokana Leprosy Colony



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