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RNV Napal 

here is our most recent update from the work we support in Nepal

Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital

Greenhill Methodist Church has growing links with Church of Uganda Kisiizi Hospital – a small hospital with 200 beds in the Kigezi hills of South West Uganda. The hospital serves a poor rural community, many of whom have very little health knowledge, scant funds for healthcare or education, and a background of belief in ‘traditional’ healing practices.


It is just over a year since our Church members Jane and Graham were able to spend some time working there, and over the course of the last year GMC has supported the hospital both in prayer and in giving.

Click the staple for:

•An update on Kisiizi life

•Some prayer needs including the impact of coronavirus and last year’s serious flooding

•Future plans to develop the building and the work of the hospital

•Ways in which you can give to the work of the hospital


Micah68 - Charity (Ian White) Israel/Palestine/Egypt/Jordan

May 2021 Update and Prayer Requests 
Ian White (Sheffield UK).

The news from Israel/Palestine has been terrible, and some of the worst I have known for many years....on the other hand more people are now looking at the region, and beginning to ask more questions about the reasons for the ongoing conflict - and showing concern especially for the trapped Palestinians in Gaza especially. I have been in touch with Micah68 partners most days. What is not really being mentioned in the media is the dangerous situation that has developed within Israel itself between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs. There have been attacks on the street, the torching of cars and businesses, and right wing Jewish groups going around neighbours ‘marking’ where Israeli Arabs live. The police have been accused of standing back and watching as groups have been allowed to do that. Of course Israeli Arabs, who have expressed concern for their fellow Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank have been arrested for ‘fermenting riots’. There has been talk of a civil war, and so this is justifying a further crackdown on the Israeli Arab population. The mixed townships of Ramle/Lod are currently under military curfew (Highway Projects ran a project there many years ago). So whilst I rejoice that there is a ceasefire in the bombing between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza, there continues to be a lot of concern on the streets of Israel. How will this be repaired? Meanwhile in the West Bank, all checkpoints are locked into Israel.

Friends in Bethlehem have not yet seen any vaccine programme roll out, unlike through the checkpoint in Israel.

  • For prayer: For Humanitarian aid to be allowed into Gaza.
  • For water and electricity to be reconnected in Gaza (this is controlled externally by Israel)
  • For calm and reconciliation between the Jewish and Arab communities within Israel.
  • For this to be properly a moment for peace-making.
  • For an equal share of the vaccination programme in the Palestinian Territories (currently in lockdown, with no vaccines being allowed in). 

Acting justly, loving mercy and walking humbly


He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God (Micah chapter 6 verse 8, The Bible)

Micah68 is a Christian expression of advocacy, friendship and practical support for the peoples of the Middle East, focussed especially on Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

Micah68 work is the personal ministry of Ian White, a member of Greenhill Methodist Church, who heads up the organisation and regularly journeys to the region to meet friends and partners from across the different communities, and to handover gifts of support to the project partners. He has been running the organisation, raising money for six projects and three micro businesses for over 10 years.


Micah68 is about speaking up for disadvantaged people, befriending and encouraging individuals and communities living with injustice and supporting disabled people in practical ways – all through a programme of targeted and meaningful giving. Currently this includes supporting a church in its youth and family ministry, promoting fair trade goods internationally, working with a school supporting young people with learning difficulties, supporting Sudanese refugees in a business enterprise, buying useful equipment for several vocational centres across the region, launching a family jewellery business, running a food programme for a disadvantaged gypsy community and supporting a prison visitation programme. 

Ian believes that extending real friendship and practical active support offers the best context to allow the good news of Jesus to be expressed. He has a real concern for the poor and disadvantaged, hates to see injustice, and believes that Christians need to speak up and speak out when they encounter it – as well as do something practical to respond to the issues.


‘The Bible text Micah chapter 6 verse 8 has a special significance for me. A sort of mini gospel, it reminds me that not only should I seek justice for others, but also I am required by God to act justly in my own life. The verse urges me to offer loving, merciful acts towards others, but also keep my life in perspective by living in humility before God in the world. I am a small part of God’s much bigger heart for His world and its peoples – but I can do something the poor, the disadvantaged, and our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, and so I must’ - Ian White


Why not find out more on: or on the Micah68 Facebook page where you can hear more about the work, meet some of the Micah68 partners on video and photo. And of course you can support the work by buying some fair trade goods from Bethlehem!

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