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About Us

We are here to know God's love and to go and share it with others.

For over 200 years we have been serving the community of Greenhill and Lowedges on the southern edge of Sheffield.

We believe that God's love for his children is amazing and so we want to tell others about that love and show His love in action. No matter what you look like or what your history is, you are welcome here.


We are a large and lively community, there is lots going on during the week, from toddler groups to bible study to youth work. We love our local community and love to serve them and welcome them into the church.

Meet The Team

Rev Jonathan Haigh
Andy Gordon McKibbin
Becca Lee

My name is Jonathan Haigh and i’m the minister of the Church, I feel it is a privilege to lead a Church where there is willingness from the congregation to serve, in order to share the love of Jesus and to help everyone to feel welcome. I celebrate that it is a church of all ages that is growing

‘there’s a place for you here’.

My name is Andy Gordon McKibbin. I'm passionate about teaching the good news about Jesus and encouraging others to pursue an ever-deepening relationship with him. I hope to bring clarity and enthusiasm as we move forward into the plans God has for our church community.

Hi, I’m Becca Lee. I have a passion for developing creativity in worship and offering up our best to God. Having grown up at Greenhill and having had my faith lovingly nurtured here, I also feel passionate about paying that forward through our youth work. I have a heart for pouring into the youth as they begin to find their place in the world.

Neil Grant
Sam Wallace
Greg Unwin

Hi i’m Greg, I want people to experience the same sense of welcome that I have always  felt at Greenhill. I believe its important that we keep on being an outward- looking church, taking witness and service out into the local community

Hello. My name is Sam Wallace I believe everyone is welcome at church, young and old, in the heart of the church family or more marginalised.

I am drawn to the hospitality side of things and feel passionate about giving all people a warm welcome in a safe space.

I’m Neil Grant. I’m passionate about personal and regional transformation. I love seeing people reach the place God has for them so that they can work through Jesus to see lives change around them.

Rhiannon Pettinger

Hi, I am Rhiannon Pettinger. I am passionate about helping children and their families grow in both love and understanding of Jesus. I have a heart for making church a more accessible and inclusive place for those with disabilities and/or neurodoversities. Everyone should feel included and welcomed.

Scott Lavery

Hi i'm Scott, I am the Community Outreach Manager.

I'm passionate about Jesus and sharing his message to as many people as possible. I enojoy working with people of all ages and being part of a vibrant church family.

Hannah Luxton-Caval

Hi I’m Hannah, I’m a business owner and an artist.

Through developing my business I have used my skills of creativity, organisation and a drive for consistency, which I bring to the leadership of this church. I feel super passionate about reaching out to and welcoming people who have never considered stepping into a church and creating that ‘home’ feeling for new people. I believe in creating an environment where people can truly explore the Christian faith in a safe, comfortable place with no judgement.

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