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Meet Suzanne Morton - Our Community Outreach Worker


How did you get involved in church work?

I have always attended church but came to realise that was all I was doing – going through the motions of church every Sunday without a real and vivid close loving relationship with God.  In 1985,

I decided I needed to commit my life fully to Christ and have never looked back since. Things haven't been plain sailing for me since though – divorce, suicide of my father, the death of my eldest son – but I know I have God by my side all the time and that is what drives me forward. If I have had to suffer these various trials and I didn't use them somehow for good and to help others then what was the point? I know I can't stop bad things happening to others but I can be there to walk beside them when times are tough and they need a hand to hold and an ear to listen.


Tell us about your role?

As a community outreach worker, I see my role reflecting the ministry of Jesus and in that way my passion is to meet people where they are and support them in the way that suits them best. I'm in daily contact with all ages from babies and parents/carers in our Toddler group to retired people in our “Meeting Place” and “Young at Art” sessions.

One passion is the work I do with older people. I strongly believe that they have so much to bring to their communities. The other area I am dedicated to supporting is that of men's ministry and supporting men in our community, in particular fathers. Tragically in the UK, more then ten men a week commit suicide and one of the main causes is the inability to talk to others about their problems. Sadly, my father was one of these men. His death has spurred me one to find a way in which we can support dads, granddads, uncles, male carers etc. etc. and that is why I also set up “Who Let The Dads Out” - a session just for dads, male carers, granddads etc. to spend time with their children in a safe and friendly environment in the hope that the friendships they form will allow them not to feel so isolated. My next goal is to set up some type of “Pub Lunch” for older retired men too.


So what does your daily week look like?

ANYTHING!!!!!! seriously it depends what the community needs. Over the past few weeks I have arranged a summer bus trip to the seaside, designed publicity material for our upcoming Alpha course, coordinated our “Messy Church Greenhill by the Sea” day, collated evidence for our future building project,planning for our next “Messy Church” in October attended meetings and all whilst still attending all our usual groups such as Monday young mums, three sessions of toddler group, coffee mornings, Sunday morning play zone and worship etc. etc.

I LOVE my role here at Greenhill Methodist Church and count myself blessed by God to be surrounded by such wonderful and loving people. My door is always open !! Why not pop in and see me for a cuppa ?


God bless


Suzanne Morton

Community Outreach Worker

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Suzanne Morton (Community Outreach worker)

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